Joining a Group

Groups are a great way to meet new people who share your interests. To get started with groups, navigate to the ‘Groups’ page by clicking the tab labeled ‘Groups’ at the top SAfA bar. You will be directed to a page that looks like so:

Main Groups Listing

The Groups page lists a directory of all the groups in the system. As you can see in the orange highlighted area in the screenshot, there are a few groups listed, with their names, avatars, recent activity, and description. To the right of these groups, you can see a few more details about them (underlined in purple), namely their visibility (public v. private) and number of members. On the Groups page, you have the option of joining a group directly by clicking the ‘Join Group’ button next to the group you wish to join (highlighted in blue). The Groups page also allows you to change how you sort groups or search directly for groups (using the tools highlighted in light green).

Finally, if you’re looking to entirely create a new group, just click the ‘Create Group’ button (highlighted in red) to get started on a page like this:

Creating a Group

To create a group, you need to fill in a few fields. There are five tabs of information – your group’s details, settings, avatar, invites, and docs. For initial creation, fill out all of these with your desired information, then click ‘Create Group and Continue’ to create your group! If you’v'e made a mistake at any time, don’t worry! You can go back and change any of the settings after the group has been created.

Once your group is up, click on its name to navigate to your group’s home page. Here’s an example of a group home page for the WAGAAN:

Individual Group Page

If you’re viewing a group’s home page which you don’t belong to, you can also choose to join from this page by clicking the ‘Join Group’ button below their description (button highlighted in blue in the above screenshot). Once you belong to a group, you can instantly start interacting with other members on the Home page by creating a new post in the blank text box next to your name (highlighted in green here). Posting in a group works exactly like posting on the Activity page, but your post will be associated with the group you posted in. If you need more help with posting, look at either our FAQ or Setting up Your Profile tutorial.

The other tabs on a group’s page that are of interest to members are the Forums, Docs, Members and Send Invites page. The Forums and Docs pages are discussed fully in their tutorials, Participating in a Topic and Creating & Editing a Doc, so check those out for more details. The Members page lists all of the members of a group, while the Send Invites page allows you to invite your friends to join the group.

The last tab, Admin, is of interest to administrators and moderators of the group. This page allows you to change and edit those settings you created initially and manage your members and docs. For example, the Admin > Settings page allows you to change the privacy options for your group after creation time like so:

Editing Group Settings

We hope this tutorial gave you a good introduction into how to use Groups on the SAFA Commons. Have a question you didn’t find the answer to here? Check out our FAQ to see if your answer is there. If not, feel free to post a reply to this page with your problem, and we’ll get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.